2021-22 Season Try-outs

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Pre-Register to speed up check-in for our try-outs this Saturday.
2021-22 Ohio USSSA Pride Teams, Coaches, and Contact information
TBD 9u & 10u-TBD
contact; Kerry Maher 614-940-5735 krrmaher@gmail.com
Orange 11u-Wolfe
JR Wolfe 740-412-1134
White 11u-Widner
Haley Widner 614-354-3167 widnerha0133@gmail.com
Scarlet 12u- To be announced later next week
For now, contact Kerry Maher – krrcoach@gmail.com
Yellow 13u-Kanet
Rob Kanet 740-739-7378 ohiousssaprideyellow@gmail.com
Navy 13u-Booth
Jason Booth 614-565-3563 ohiousssapridenavy@gmail.com
White 14u-White
Derek White 614-254-9193
Red 14u-Zak
Ed Zak 614-519-0531 ohusssaprideelite07@gmail.com
Gold 15u-Warehime
Brooke Warehime 614-551-5447 brooke.warehime@gmail.com
Vegas 16u-Eplin
JR Eplin 614-207-7449
Platinum 16u-Bowlby
Jerry Bowlby 740-409-2799 jerry.bowlby7997@yahoo.com
Grey 17u-Bay
Danny Bay 614-306-2338
Teal/Blue 18u
Steve Clawson 614-570-5080 stephen.clawson@gmail.com
Chris Mason
Ohio USSSA Pride will have try-outs for the 2021-22 season on August 7 at Pickerington Central High School. If for some reason weather does not permit, we will have August 8th as a “rain date” only.
Start times are:
9am for 9u, 10u, 11u and 12u
Noon for 13u,14u, 15u,16u
3pm for 17//18u
About us:
Our Ohio USSSA Pride teams play the toughest competition and go to the best showcase tournaments in Ohio. Our teams typically only travel out of the state once or twice a year. We believe, and our suspicions have been confirmed, that it is not necessary to travel out of state for tournaments if you want to play college softball in Ohio or neighboring states.
Our organization is about competing at the highest level, keeping costs reasonable, learning, and having fun while playing. Our great network of coaches communicates with each other regularly. We are always staying current with technology and the fastpitch landscape.
About you:
We are looking for student-athletes that work hard, are ready or near ready to compete in a “class A’ schedule. You should also be a great teammate, coachable and self-motivated. We will help you get where you want to be, however ultimately YOU decide your future. We surround ourselves with others that have similar skills and goals. Our student-athletes have put in the work necessary and have earned themselves opportunities to play in college at every level including NCAA Division 1.